Summer Days in San Diego….| San Francisco Bay Area Newborn, Kids, Childrens Photographer

This summer vacation was jam packed with lots of short mini-vacations with the kids. This is the year where all three kids will be in school (Yeah!). So we decided it is time for Disneyland and Legoland. We’ve run out of excuses.

The kids LOVED Legoland, more pictures of that on a later post. However Disneyland, not so much. Weather was hot, lines were way too long for the patiences of everyone. Perhaps when the kids are older, they will enjoy the more thrilling rides at Disneyland.

So theme parks aside, I think the most relaxing part of the trip was our stay at Coronado Bay. The Beaches were real nice and kids really had a nice time just playing in the water and sand. They spent hours making “sand meatballs”. It’s actually a very delicate process of packing the sand with water and shaping it with loose sand. Being a kids, these are the little things they enjoy playing with the most.

Also, I forced myself to take only one memory card and take all these pictures in jpeg instead of RAW. I figure it would really cut down on the editing process. So far so good but I’m still a RAW girl at heart.

  • LInh, these are fabulous vacation pictures. I love the details you captured and the emotions are so real. Ok. I want to see more of your vacation pictures.(real soon)
    Thanks for being such a great photographer friend. You have helped me grow as a photographer and taught me so much…

  • What fun!!! You did a great job capturing such wonderful memories.

  • how fun! i’ve only taken my kids to legoland, but i agree, the shorter lines make it worth it, right? i want to see more!

  • Eva Chou

    Great pictures! Brings back fun memories.

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Baby Isabelle…….| San Francisco Bay Area Newborns Kids Photographer

My Gosh I’ve been a really bad blogger lately! There’s so much catch up to do! I hope you all had a great summer this year. There’s so much pictures to share from our family vacation so be sure to check back soon as I need to edit through hundreds of vacation pictures.

Well, let’s start with this session photographed about almost 2 months ago. Baby Isabelle was about 12 days old at the time. She was such a sweet angel and so so beautiful! Isn’t newborn skin just to die for?

  • You my friend need to blog more. These are just so beautiful I have missed seeing your beautiful work. Everything is so perfect. I will be waiting for your next new post:)

  • How did this one sneak past me ;) I love the tenderness you capture! The chair is such a great idea, and Mom holding baby…….Sigh. You go girl!

  • Eva

    Beautiful as usual! That’s the mom of whom you had taken those beautiful pregnancy pictures, in the sunset by the fields? So nice to see the baby in her arms…. sooo soft.. Yeah.. I missed seeing your art… keep posting!!

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Happy Father’s Day!…… | san francisco bay area baby kids family portrait photographer

It’s a very hard job being a parent no matter who you are. The stress of daily life can get to you sometimes…. but what makes it all worthwhile is when your kids give you those little magical moments that just tickles your heartstrings. Though I hate to submit and admit it… (since I’m kind of the stubborn type)… I wouldn’t have been able to pursue this path without the support and help of this guy. Thank you dear for all that you do, let it be known that I do appreciate you even though I don’t say it out loud sometimes.:)

Have a great Father’s day weekend everyone!

  • Awwwwwww!

  • So cute. She loves talking on the phone. Sweetness..

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more love and laughter…… | san francisco bay area, baby kids family portrait photographer

warning! warning! Very picture heavy post. More of this lovely family…..

Boy, I had such a hard time selecting images to edit from this session. They were all such a photogenic bunch, full of life and laughter!  We were so lucky to get a few shots with the gorgeous cousins and grandparent too. 

Being able to be capture a little slice of this family’s heartwarming love is truly one of the true joys of being a photographer.    Thank you H Family! 

These images make me happy…….

Beautiful and loving sister….

Gorgeous cousins and grandparent

No other joy like being a family together….

  • You did an amazing job, as always!! The family got lucky with you as their photographer, awesome girl!

  • Wow! Beautiful work Linh. You capture such real emotions with your work. The family is going love everyone of these. Gorgeous family I can see why you had a hard time picking..

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Baby Micah….. | San Francisco, Bay Area Baby & Child Photographer

This little tike was so lively and full of fun and giggles! He made it through the session without a single yawn even though it was so close to his bedtime. What a trooper you are Micah!

I’m just starting to go through and editing this session and boy his family is so photogenic.
Here’s your sneak peek H family…….More to come soon! Thank you so much for the great session!

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  • He is so cute. These images are so amazing. I love everything about this session.

  • They’re all amazing! I especially love the last one with that yummy light.

  • Lucy

    absolutely precious! such a cutie pie :)

  • Lighting is gorgeous….you totally ROCK backlighting! Wish you could pass along that skill to me = )

  • Eva

    I know these are summer pictures, but somehow they reminded me of fall. Love them… it’s like the sun is caressing them. You really work magic with your camera

  • Daya Vaidya

    Wow!! What cuties! You guys all look so adorable and glowing! You know I know photographers and I gotta say these pics are just outstanding!



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