Blooming….. | San Francisco Bay Area Maternity Photographer

Spring has finally arrived!  After so much wet weather lately, it’s feels great to finally get to bask in the sun a little bit.  Isn’t the air so crisp and fresh after a storm?

Well I was lucky enough not to be rained out when I had the pleasure of photographing one of my favorite maternity sessions.    They are such a sweet and lovely couple I’ve know for a while and I’m super excited for their 1st new arrival to come in a few weeks!  Congratulations J&J and thank you so much!

  • Just beautiful, you really captured this special time for them- perfect!

  • Eva

    So beautiful and sweet!!

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From our home to yours!…… | San Francisco, Bay Area Newborn, Kids, Family Photographer

It always gets exhausting this time of the year trying to rush edit all the sessions and ship out last minute holiday orders.  Time really flies when you in the mist of it all and I’m sorry to say the blog has been sorely neglected these days. So hopefully this post now can make it up.

I am so thankful and fortunate for the beautiful families and kids that I had the opportunity to photograph this year. It brings me so much joy to know that they will cherish these captured memories frozen in time. Thank you all for letting me in to see, live, and capture a glimpse of your lives!

Here are some images from some holiday session I wanted to share.
Laughter, Isn’t it  just infectious?   Makes me smile everytime I see this image.  Can you almost hear their bubbling laughter? 

I was breathless chasing after this cute little guy.  He was so full of energy and spunk!

I adore this family so much!   The girls are so sweet and growing more beautiful every year.

At Last  the hardest session of the year had to be with my very own family.  Trying to get them dressed was a big ordeal so I knew I shouldn’t expect too much.   I’m going to get whatever they are willing to give me.  Surprising though, I really do adore these images.   Can you tell they like to rough house a lot?

My Girl turned 3 a few weeks ago and she is getting more expressive these days.  Sometimes with a lot of attitude too.Our holiday photo, taken on a tripod with me running back and forth to the camera in 3 inch heels.  Exhausting!  The kids only gave me 4 shots at it.  It really was a miracle we got this shot.

Happy Holidays to all of you!  May the New Year find you in good health and prosperity!  See you in 2011!

  • Beautiful as always! I can sympathize with you on capturing your own family photos…I am thankful for those small miracles every year – LOL! I may just hire someone next year ; )

  • You made up for the lack of blogging with this post. I love them all, so natural and beautiful. That last family is a pretty good look’n one, too ;)

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Sticks and Cones…. | San Francisco Bay Area Family, Kids Photographer

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing this beautiful family this past weekend. I think this is one of my favorite sessions ever! The kids looked so adorable dressed Tea Collection clothing. Everyone looked great and it’s no wonder because lovely mom is truly a fabulous graphic designer and really knows her colors and textures. She also had really great ideas to incorporate into the session and I love how seamless it blended with the whole session.

Here is your sneak peak H Family!

  • Ok, your favorite session not including mine, right? Hahaha. Oh, how I love this whole session! Just beautiful. This is what Fall is all about…..a great photographer shooting outdoors……I’m sassy today ;) Awesome job, girl.

  • Eva

    Beautiful!!! Just like pictures in a magazine…

  • Gorgeous family. I love the colors in these photos. You did an amazing job my friend. They are going to love these.

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Pure and simple beauty…… | San Francisco Bay Area Portrait Photographer, Pet photography

This session was so dreamy. I had a real good feeling when we were doing our clothing consultation a few weeks back. Ms. Y has incredible style and a very fun spiri, just gorgeous inside and out! And I LOVE LOVE her pug dog, Kokoro. Such a sweet thing!

Here is your sneak peak Ms. Y, enjoy!

  • You should never stop shooting my friend. Your images are always so beautiful and full of life. Love this session and the pup is so cute.

  • The light is so yummy, the images look like they belong in a fashion mag!!
    Fabulous my friend.

  • Eva

    I love the pictures, esp the close-ups!! The purple sweater against the grass gives such a rich tone. And her eyes are very captivating … Love the kissing picture… It’s like a love story put in pictures…

  • i agree with janet, never stop shooting and keep on posting… loving ALL of these…

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Out on the Farm…….| San Francisco, Bay Area Kids, Family Photographer

I need a kick in the butt sometimes.
Sorry I have not been a very consistent blogger. It’s one of those things that I struggle to find the time to post.

Well today I’m sharing a sneak peak for this special little guy. It’s been over a year since photographing him as a wee newborn and he has grown up so much. So Absolutely adorable! We decided to head on over to a pumpkin batch in Petaluma for a fall session. Fall is really my favorite time of the year because of the amazing colors and textures everywhere. It gives such a warm and inviting feeling to the photographs.

Our little fellow was shy at first but once he was in that wheel barrow, he was truly having a blast! Such a handsome fellow, wouldn’t you agree?

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  • I love them. The second one is so precious, your skins are just flawless. You’re great with kids, so no surprise he warmed up to you. Don’t keep us waiting long for the net post, we need the eye candy :)

  • Eva

    The pictures are amazing and the lighting is so nice considering the time of the day they were taken.. you sure have captured his cuter side for sure :-) You are such a great photographer!!

  • Wow! These are so cute. You need to be blogging more and shooting more you are an amazing photographer.

  • love all of these, linh!!

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