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I shoot mainly with natural night and preferrably shoot on location outdoors with the exception of newborn photography.
Early morning and 2-3 hours before sunset is the most flattering light to take photos. These are the times I book my sessions.

Newborns photo sessions usually takes place at the client’s home where they are most comfortable. They generally will last anywhere between 2-3 hours, sometimes even 4 hours, it will depends on the level of cooperation from the baby. I always allow extra time for baby to be well fed and changed in between breaks. Newborns photos will need to be taken within the first 10 days of life. This is when the baby still retains it’s natural curl position and remains mostly sleepy throughout the process. And their skin is usually the most beautiful at this age. Usually after 2-3 weeks, baby acne may set in for some babies.

Kids and Family sessions will last between 1-2 hours depending on outfit and location changes and number of participants.

Couples session may vary from 2-3 location changes and will generally last 1-2 hours.

Please book your session at least 4 weeks in advance as I take a minimal amount of sessions per month.


Some of the most beautiful locations are not typically what you may find ideal as I believe beautiful light can be found anywhere.
I live in the San Francisco area and will travel within 30 miles from zip code 94132 with no extra charge to your shoot location.
If you live outside of my area, please contact me for travel rates.


Choosing the right clothing can really impact the look of your photos. After your session is booked, I offer free in home clothing consultations if you need help in that area.

Newborns and babies are photographed mostly in their birthday suits or a nice diaper cover.

Everyone should dress within the same style of clothing in regards to it being casual or dressy. Having one person in a suit and tie while everyone in jeans and t-shirt will make them stand out (unless this is your intention). Stay within the same color family especially for family photos, it will make your photos feel more cohesive. Play with textures and layers, don’t be afraid to accessorize with a nice scarf, hat or boots.

Try to avoid wearing very busy and loud patterns, huge logos or characters. Keep it simple but most importantly, just be comfortable and be yourself. If a particular style of clothing is just not you, don’t wear it. Your discomfort will show through in your photos.


My sessions are casual and carefree allowing for your personality to shine through. I will take some time to get to know you and the kids by talking and playing with them first. My style is not about super posey shots but if you have a particular shot in mind, please let me know before hand so we can incooperate it into the shoot. Little kids only have a limited amount of attention span, they are especially cranky when they are either hungry and sleepy. Please make sure that kids are well fed and have plenty of rest before photo session and feel free to bring extra snacks for replenishment during the shoot. Sometimes a little food will make all the difference.

For Newborn sessions, please make sure baby is fed and changed 15 minutes prior to the time of the session. Please preheat the house to about 75-80 degrees at least 1 hour before the session. Once I arrive, I will search for the best light in your home and proceed to set up. Most times the best light in your home might not be where you figure it should be, so please keep an open mind as we might have to move some furniture around but I promise to move it back once we’re done. Babies will have little accidents so please don’t be alarmed. It happens all the time and I always come prepared with different blankets. Your baby is never away from your reach and I will never attempt to do a pose that is unsafe as safety is a number priority to me.

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